The Academy of Integrated Science is Virginia Tech’s home for interdisciplinary, hands-on education in science and mathematics.


Systems Biology graduate, Camille Schrier, serves as an example of how opportunities continue to bloom with growing student research within the Academy of Integrated Science

The Academy of Integrated Science Nanocamp features exciting activities, presentations, and laboratory exercises led by prominent faculty in the field and their students. 

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Value of Integrated Science and Learning

CMDA graduate, Alex Gagliano, talks about the effects of light pollution at TEDxVirginiaTech 2017

CMDA graduate, Sean McClurg, helped the VT Men's Basketball team use player data statistics to help coaches create winning court strategies

CMDA student, Arianna Krinos, named 2017 Astronaut Scholar

CMDA industry partner, General Dynamics Mission Systems, believes working with VT students gives them direct access to the best talent