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Nanoscience Minor

Nanoscience is the study of materials, phenomena, properties, and applications at the smallest length scale at which we can control matter.

Why do it?

Nanoscience and nanotechnology have rapidly growing applications in a wide range of technology areas including electronics, information technology, medicine, renewable energy, aerospace, and advanced materials.


The 19-credit hour minor in Nanoscience includes courses that will provide students with unique skills that enhance a variety of degrees.

Required courses:

  • NANO 1015/1016: Intro to Nanoscience
  • NANO 2024 Quantum Structures of Nanoparticles or PHYS 3324: Modern Physics
  • NANO 2114: Nanoscience Research Seminar
  • NANO 3015/3016:  Nanoscale Synthesis, Fabrication, and Characterization

For a complete list of elective courses, consult the checksheet