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Behavior and Decision Science Minor

The study of decision making covers descriptive questions like how people, institutions, and nations make judgments and decisions; normative questions about rationality, such as what constitutes the best judgments and decisions; and prescriptive questions, such as how the process of decision making can be improved to make actual decisions closer to optimal ones. 

Why do it?

Students pursuing the Behavior and Decision Science minor learn to use insights from economics and psychology to understand how people make decisions and to suggest ways to make good decisions easier to make.


The 18-credit hour minor in Behavior and Decision Science includes 9 hours of core requirements, 6 hours of elective courses selected from a list, and a 3 credit capstone course.

Required courses:
BDS 2005 and 2006: Fundamentals of Behavior and Decision Science
ECON/BDS 3134: Choice and Behavior

Elective courses: 

Students select 6 credit hours of elective courses from topics such as social psychology; the science of giving; cognitive neuroscience; managerial economics; poverty and discrimination; economics and health care, and another 3 credit capstone course. For a complete list of elective courses, consult the checksheet.