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CMDA students learn to be dynamic problem solvers who can work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams.  Modern computational science draws on a variety of expertise. Our students get a great deal of experience practicing these skills, particularly in the CMDA Capstone Project course. Teams of CMDA majors spend the semester tackling an interesting data/modeling problem presented from a client (elsewhere on campus, or in industry). Examples of this year's projects include:

  • Russian flu outbreak: a historical analysis of the morbidity and mortality of the 1889 epidemic
  • Measuring the impact of Open Source Software on innovation
  • Effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns for VT Athletics
  • Gaining understanding of Medical Deserts on the DC metro area

The CMDA requirements give students the flexibility to dive deeply into a particular area through choice of electives, a disciplinary track, or a minor or double major.

Possible Tracks

Ultimately, our program is for anyone who seeks to better understand the world through data and computation.

What kind of jobs will CMDA majors qualify for?

  • analytics for sports teams or internet/social media companies
  • consulting in defense/space/homeland security
  • modeling in the oil/gas/alternative energy sector
  • data analysis for medical/pharmaceutical firms
  • quantitative modeling in finance/insurance
  • a host of other possibilities!

Want to visit?

Our Academy Ambassadors are excited to assist you in your college exploration process!  We have a variety of options available:

  • Chat with an advisor by emailing Charlotte at  In-person appointments are also available!
  • Talk with a student ambassador by emailing 
  • Schedule a shadow day by signing up at this link.

What's your science?

CMDA students discuss why they chose this program

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Hannah Looney talks about how she was driven to major in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA).

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Patrick Gibson talks about how he became interested in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA).

CMDA Peer Profiles