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Integrated Science Curriculum

You must have a email address to apply using the form linked above. If you have not yet accepted your offer to VT and would like to apply to ISC beforehand, please contact Gary Long, the program leader for ISC at

The Integrated Science Curriculum is more than an academic pathway.

It is an opportunity to step into the culture of innovation.

The Integrated Science Curriculum (ISC) is a 30-credit, two-year course sequence that covers the fundamentals of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology integrated with Calculus and Linear Algebra. ISC employs a collaborative, active-learning style environment emphasizing teamwork, skills acquisition, independent thought, and creativity. Modern science is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and collaborative. If you enroll in ISC you will be introduced from day one to critical new ways of thinking about and conducting science.

Virginia Tech's Academy of Integrated Science has been named in this Popular Mechanics article, among several other universities, that excel in helping prepare students for a promising and satisfying future through STEM classes, academic clubs, and undergraduate research.