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Nanomedicine refers to the use of nanomaterials and nanoscale devices for the treatment, diagnosis, monitoring, and control of diseases.

Nanomedicine seeks to develop therapeutics to maintain and improve human health by destroying infective agents and malignant cells while enhancing the ability to detect and identify diseases at a much earlier stage than is currently possible. Today, research in nanomedicine has also led the development of implantable nanodevices for in situ monitoring of medical conditions post-surgery and for the alleviation of pain. Nanomedicine is no longer a promise - it is a reality and it is here to stay.

The global nanomedicine market was estimated at $171 billion in 2020, a number that reflects the impact of nanotechnological advances in medicine and that is expected to grow with the advent of its use in prevention and intervention of chronic and acute disorders. This is particularly relevant to areas of cancer where targeted delivery by means of nanoparticles and nanoscale systems are among the most promising developments and the area of cardiology where rapid progress arises from the use of nanovectors, nanostructure-based stents, and nanotube scaffolds for tissue regeneration.

Virginia Tech has the only undergraduate Nanomedicine major in the United States. Students in our major will be part of an interdisciplinary program rooted in hands-on laboratory research experience in a collaborative and creative setting with access to state-of-the-art facilities and research and educational resources. Nanomedicine students will be well-prepared for professional and graduate school as well as exciting careers in health professions, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and imaging, medical devices and products, and many related areas.

We recommend students in Nanomedicine consider applying to the Integrated Science Curriculum.


Nanomedince major Gianna Grogan presents her research at The Falling Walls Lab in Berlin Germany and meets Carl-Henrick Heldin, Chairman of the Nobel Foundation

Nanomedicine in Practice

What is nanomedicine? The Basics.

The Promise of Nanomedicine | Joy Wolfram

VT undergraduate student, Gianna Grogan, presents her research, Breaking the Wall of Diabetes Drug Delivery.

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Virginia Tech alumnus donation strengthens fight against cancer.

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