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Science, Technology, & Law Minor

Intellectual property is one of the fastest growing and most complex areas of law. Today’s scientists and engineers tackle new and exciting issues involving stem cell research, gene patents, clean technology, digital libraries and file sharing (to name a few). These issues all raise complicated intellectual property questions and students in the Science, Technology and Law Program are taught how to address these questions and navigate the ever-evolving intersection between science, technology and law.

The STL minor is a great way to your Pathways to General Education requirements!

The Science, Technology & Law Program seeks to:

  • Identify and discuss these issues, thereby fostering multi-disciplinary analysis and thinking
  • Equip students with a diversified skill set that enables them to succeed outside "traditional" career paths
  • Raise awareness of legal, societal and ethical challenges - on an academic, as well as professional, level
  • Provide a platform for the exchange of ideas on informed public policies on science, technology and law

Course Offerings

For information on courses offered in Nanomedicine, please refer to the course catalog.


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STL Peer Profiles

James Steiner, Division Leader