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CMDA Computing Consultants

Code Trouble with Your Homework?

Get help with all CMDA coding classes, CS 1114, CS 2114, R, Python, MATLAB, Java, and C!

COVID-19/Remote Tutoring update:

CMDA Computing Consultants’ services will be available for the days and times below by appointment only beginning on 3/30/2020 through the end of the spring semester. If you have questions, please reach out to Kevin ( or Dr. Embree (

Who: CMDA students in CMDA and other CS classes who need additional coding help.

When: Monday-Thursdays 5-9pm 

Where: Virtual

Note: Please use the following table to determine who you should schedule your CCC appointment with and when

MONDAY Java, Python, R (Zachary)
 Java, C, MATLAB, Python (Asha)
Java, Python, R, C (Kevin)
TUESDAY Java, C, Python, R (Kevin)
Java, MATLAB, Python, R (Chris)
Java, Python, R (Fiona)
WEDNESDAY Java, Python, R, C, MATLAB (Marco)
Java, C, MATLAB, Python (Asha)
Java, Python, R, MATLAB (Chris)
THURSDAY Java, Python, R (Fiona)
Java, MATLAB, Python, R, C (Marco) Java, Python, R (Zachary)