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Faculty Spotlight: John Matson

A.C. Lilly Jr. Fellow of Nanoscience

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Satoru Emori in one of his labs at the ICTAS 2 building. Photo by Steven Mackay for for Virginia Tech.

Welcome to the Academy of Integrated Science,
Virginia Tech's home for cross-disciplinary scientific education!

Our three new Bachelor's degree programs, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA), Nanoscience, and Systems Biology, bring together multiple areas of expertise to explore powerful new approaches to current complex scientific problems. The innovative Integrated Science Curriculum (ISC) offers a two-year deeply interdisciplinary educational experience centered on student teams working in labs and lectures. The Science, Technology, & Law minor focuses on intellectual property issues, thus addressing a need for scientists and engineers who are, or will be, involved in projects seeking marketable outcomes.

Value of Integrated Science and Learning

Virginia Tech’s NanoCamp features exciting activities, presentations, and laboratory exercises led by prominent faculty in the field and their students.

CMDA graduate, Sean McClurg, helped the VT Men's Basketball team use player data statistics to help coaches create winning court strategies

CMDA student, Arianna Krinos, named 2017 Astronaut Scholar

Computational cell biology looks to build accurate mathematical representations of controlled cell networks so that a computer can work out the precise implications of hypothetical molecular mechanisms.