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Welcome to the Academy of Integrated Science,
Virginia Tech's home for cross-disciplinary scientific education!

Our two Bachelor's degree programs, Nanoscience and Systems Biology, bring together multiple areas of expertise to explore powerful new approaches to current complex scientific problems. The innovative Integrated Science Curriculum (ISC) offers a two-year deeply interdisciplinary educational experience centered on student teams working in labs and lectures. We also offer a variety of interdisciplinary minors that students can add to enhance their degree programs.

Value of Integrated Science and Learning

Fewer ticks, cleaner water, and more carbon intake: Fellowship recipient Quinn Thomas plans to use data to predict our environment

Nanoscience group wins a second nod from the NSF

Nanoscience training gives teachers big ideas about tiny science. Activities included hands-on experiments, and demos of electron microscopes.

Computational cell biology aims at building accurate mathematical representations of controlled cellular networks so that a computer can work out the implications of hypothetical molecular mechanisms.”