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Welcome and congratulations, new Academy of Integrated Science Hokies! We are excited to meet you!

Summer 2020 Orientation Notice

 Orientation in summer 2020 will be held virtually. Please register and follow the guidance from the New Student Transition office’s webpage (linked below). They will guide you through modules, the first is now available for students to complete and the second will be available to students who completed Module 1 on June 15th.

After students majoring in Computational Modeling & Data Analytics, Nanomedicine, Nanoscience, or Systems Biology have completed both modules, they will receive information on how to schedule an appointment with their advisors via Navigate. Both modules must be completed in order to meet with your Academic of Integrated Science advisor. Please read the remainder of the information on this page to know what to expect for orientation.

AIS Advising Town Halls

Every Monday from June 29th to August 3rd at 3:00 PM, our advising team will hold Advising Town Hall Meetings. During these sessions, we will go over a brief presentation, answer some common questions, and have a Q&A session if time allows.

Every student who has been admitted into CMDA, Nanomedicine, Nanoscience, or Systems Biology will automatically receive an invitation to attend one of these town hall meetings. If you were admitted into a different major but would like to change to CMDA, NANO, NMED, or SYSB, please email us to request that. 

AIS majors are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions to ask questions they may have about orientation, Virginia Tech, classes, their major, or advising prior to their orientation advising meeting.

Orientation Advising Appointments

In an effort to be flexible and available, we will have advising appointment availability from Tuesday, June 23rd through Friday, August 7th, Monday to Friday in the afternoons from 2:00-4:00 PM EST. Students will receive an email invitation to schedule their 1-1 advising appointment via their email address on June 18th. Note that students can schedule an advising appointment with us before, after, or on their orientation dates with New Student Transition as long as they have completed the first two orientation modules. Each of our students are assigned an advisor prior to orientation and will be invited to schedule a meeting with their advisor via their email address. During this session we will review your schedule and make changes if needed. Prior to their advising appointment, students must:

  • Create a FERPA self-passcode
  • Complete all pre-registration requirements on Hokie Spa
  • Complete the first two orientation modules through Visual Zen

Class Registration and Schedule

You will be enrolled into certain major-required courses already prior to your orientation dates based on both your major and your transfer credits.

You will receive a survey on June 18th in your email inbox requesting additional information on courses you would like to take so that our advising team can prepare your schedule ahead of time

Video Tutorials

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How to Create a FERPA Self-Passcode

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How to Search the Course Schedule (aka “the timetable”)

Note, these videos were created by our colleagues in the Math departments. Do not email with questions. Instead, email with your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This information can be found on the University Registrar’s webpage on Transferrable Credit. The transfer guide will be particularly useful for Transfer students from a VCCS or four-year institution.

AP, IB, CLEP, or Cambridge scores should be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of the University Registrar. For dual Enrollment/transfer credits, official transcripts should be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Log into Hokie Spa (, click Hokie Spa, Grades Menu, then Transfer and Other Additional Credits

  • If your transcript has been received and processed, you will see the equivalent credits posted.
  • You will want to check this frequently to ensure your transcripts are received and processed.
  • If you have questions about this, please email

Computer requirements for CMDA, NANO, NMED, and SYSB can be found here. We have also created an additional guide to help CMDA majors choose the best computer due to the nature of the program and major curriculum.

At this time, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is not allowing students to change their major. However, students are welcome to meet with Transitional Advising during orientation to explore another major and draft an appropriate schedule to successfully change to that major in December.

The classes you will take will depend on both your major requirements and your transfer credit information. Flowcharts of coursework can be found on the “Current Students” pages for each of our degree programs, which will give you a good idea of what you will take. Students can also review their major checksheets to see what their major requires.

Please visit the Math department’s website for MATH 1225 readiness to review the appropriate gateways to qualify to take MATH 1225. 

CMDA, NANO, & SYSB majors: If your eligibility is listed as “MATH 1225 - Eligibility Not Yet Evaluated” please request an evaluation by emailing

NMED Majors: If your eligibility is listed as “MATH 1225 - Eligibility Not Yet Evaluated” please email

 Current Students Webpage

View these webpages for flowcharts of coursework, checksheets, and more!