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While the skill, knowledge and point of view you cultivate in this major are specific, the application of them is boundless. What do you believe to be the greatest challenge facing the world today? Poverty? Climate change? Cyber security? Global health? CMDA will give you the tools to not only understand that problem, but it will enable you to identify solutions that work.

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CMDA in Practice

CMDA senior, Alex Gagliano, talks about the effects of light pollution at TEDxVirginiaTech.

Sean McClurg, a senior in the Virginia Tech College of Science from Wayne, New Jersey has helped the Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball team use player data statistics to help coaches create winning court strategies.

Events and Seminars

Open Data Week

Open Data Week

April 10-14, 2017

Torgersen Hall 1100


Tuesday April 25, 2017 5pm

CMDA Distinguished Lecture Series

MIT's Karen Wilcox

Data to Decisions for the Next Generation of Complex Engineered Systems

New Classroom Building room 360

Householder Symposium XX on Numerical Linear Algebra


Householder Symposium XX on Numerical Linear Algebra

June 18-23, 2017

The Inn at Virginia Tech