Systems Biology Major and Minor


Systems Biology brings concepts and skills from biochemistrybiologychemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics and computer science to current problems in health, evolution, biotechnology and agriculture. Our graduates are prepared to apply knowledge across disciplinary boundaries to improve the quality of human life.

We recommend students in Systems Biology consider applying to the Integrated Science Curriculum.

Systems Biology Peer Profiles

Systems Biology in Practice

Computational cell biology looks to build accurate mathematical representations of controlled cell networks so that a computer can work out the precise implications of hypothetical molecular mechanisms. 

How do we use mathematical equations in the production of medicine?

“DNA is the information code that gives us life, but what if it could hold the content of our life too? If we could encode data into DNA, then we could use DNA to store information just like computers.”

“In the last 20 years, we have undergone three major revolutions in biomedical research which allow people like me and my students to discover potential drug targets to treat cancer dressed in our PJs.”